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09/11/13 September 11th CSA Share


  In this week’s bag: Bell Pepper Cucumbers Garlic Kale Mayocoba Beans Plums Pomegranates Roasted Chilies Sweet Potatoes Tomatoes Zucchini   Click HERE to read this week’s newsletter!    

09/04/13 September 4th CSA Share

  In Your Bags This Week: Alhamka Cucumbers Canary Melon Garlic Green Chile Kale Lemon Basil Lemon Cucumbers Onions Potatoes Purslane Summer Squash Watermelon   Click here to read the weekly CSA newsletter!    

08/23/13 August 21st CSA Newsletter

  In Your Bag:   Prickly Pear Fruit (Tuna) Wheat berries Canary or Cantaloupe Tomatillos Roasted Chilies Arugula Jute or Purslane Roasted Sunflower Seeds Cherry Tomatoes Kale Sweet Potatoes Zucchini   Click HERE to read your weekly CSA newsletter!  

08/23/13 August 14th CSA Newsletter

  In Your Bag Today: Basil Bell Peppers Cucumbers Eggplant Green Beans Lemon Cucumbers Nopales Onions Potatoes Tomatoes Watermelon White Plums   Click HERE to read your weekly newsletter with updates and recipes!      

05/10/13 Produce Storage: Helpful Tips and Tricks


  Congratulations! You have your beautiful, fresh food – now, how to keep it that way? Proper storage of your fruits and veggies will help to ensure that they remain in tip-top shape in both your fridge and cupboard.  Many … Read more»

03/07/13 CSA! CSA! CSA!


Our fabulous farmers have been hard at work all year delivering fresh, entirely locally sourced goods and now with the start of summer we usher in a new season of bountiful crops and healthy living. So let’s share the wealth! … Read more»

12/06/12 Healthy Holiday Comfort Food: Himalayan Vegetable Curry with Noodles

Himalayan Vegetable Curry with Noodles This warm and satisfying dish is the perfect accompaniment for cooler weather! Easy, hearty and flavorful, it is a great entrée for family dinners, a potluck, or even as leftovers! Tumeric is known for its … Read more»

11/03/12 Recipes From One Desert To Another: Tabbouleh

Originating from the mountains of Syria and Lebanon, this dish is a Levantine Arab salad that serves as part of a traditional Middle Eastern mezze. Tabbouleh is a versatile and tasty side dish that has became increasingly popular  in many kitchens far … Read more»

11/01/12 Herb’n Gardening: Our New Shade House!

Now that the oppressive summer heat is slowly but surely starting to dwindle, we’re so excited to start our fall season with our usual vegetable and fruit fare. Fresh to the batch this season are our herbs that will be cultivated in our newly constructed … Read more»

10/31/12 Gila Farm Cooperative Recipes: Lemon Edition

Fall Recipes with Citrus Flavor When Luke, 4, and Braden, 6,  hosted a lemonade sale and donated their proceeds to the International Rescue Committee in Phoenix, it inspired us to become reacquinted with this underrated citrus staple! Lemons are a wonderful source of immune-boosting Vitamin C … Read more»