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08/29/14 Gila Farm Produce Guide

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The folks at Gila Farm would like to thank you all for the great responses to our survey! We loved hearing all the reasons why you love being a part of our cooperative. As we flipped through the many responses, … Read more»

07/25/14 New Traditions: Mixing Up Your Greens


Not sure that to make with your mixed greens this week? While they lend themselves to rather delicious salads (I like pair my roselle with sliced almonds, mandarin oranges, and a poppy seed vinaigrette!), our Burmese farmers use the leaves … Read more»

07/18/14 Tomatillo Salsa Quesadillas

Happy Lunch-Break, Locavores! Have you made your CSA Tomatillo-Chile-Corn Salsa yet? If you’re still saving some for a rainy (or sunny) day, here’s a fresh way to make last night’s leftovers into today’s midday treat! Roasted Corn Tortillas with Tomatillo … Read more»

07/03/14 Parsnip Pandemonium

I’m sure by now you’ve gotten a chance to rifle through your latest CSA bag. The bags were so full this week! Nestled in between the cucumbers and corn, right atop the Iraqi and Uzbek melons, was a curious white … Read more»

06/03/14 May 14th CSA Share

Purple Beans

In the CSA bags this week: Basil Bell Peppers Broccoli Cantaloupe Eggplant Fennel Garlic Jalapenos Kale Popcorn Romaine lettuce Tomatoes Zucchini     Read our CSA newsletter here!

09/11/13 September 11th CSA Share


  In this week’s bag: Bell Pepper Cucumbers Garlic Kale Mayocoba Beans Plums Pomegranates Roasted Chilies Sweet Potatoes Tomatoes Zucchini   Click HERE to read this week’s newsletter!    

09/04/13 September 4th CSA Share

  In Your Bags This Week: Alhamka Cucumbers Canary Melon Garlic Green Chile Kale Lemon Basil Lemon Cucumbers Onions Potatoes Purslane Summer Squash Watermelon   Click here to read the weekly CSA newsletter!    

08/23/13 August 21st CSA Newsletter

  In Your Bag:   Prickly Pear Fruit (Tuna) Wheat berries Canary or Cantaloupe Tomatillos Roasted Chilies Arugula Jute or Purslane Roasted Sunflower Seeds Cherry Tomatoes Kale Sweet Potatoes Zucchini   Click HERE to read your weekly CSA newsletter!  

08/23/13 August 14th CSA Newsletter

  In Your Bag Today: Basil Bell Peppers Cucumbers Eggplant Green Beans Lemon Cucumbers Nopales Onions Potatoes Tomatoes Watermelon White Plums   Click HERE to read your weekly newsletter with updates and recipes!      

05/10/13 Produce Storage: Helpful Tips and Tricks


  Congratulations! You have your beautiful, fresh food – now, how to keep it that way? Proper storage of your fruits and veggies will help to ensure that they remain in tip-top shape in both your fridge and cupboard.  Many … Read more»