Gila Farm Cooperative

Our Farming Methods

Gila Farm Cooperative farmers have brought their traditional organic farming methods over from their home countries and combined them with the organic certification standards that the New Roots Farm and Food Security team teaches. Gila Farm Cooperative is not certified organic, but we think that the quality of food we produce speaks for itself.

The farmers start with certified organic seed, many of which were saved from the previous season, and put those seeds into ground that has been improved by organic soil amendments, such as local compost and chicken manure. We rent a common tractor for any field prep work, but the rest of the work is done by hand by the farmers and our families. This is how we did it back in our home countries and this is how we want to do it here in our new home, to get to know the land and the food that we are growing in that land.


We use no chemical pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. We use natural and preventative pest control and encourage good biological activity that increases the health of the soil and the crops that are growing in the soil. We believe that if the soil and the plants are healthy, the people who eat those plants will be healthy as well.

Today’s food society encourages crops that are genetically modified to withstand heavy chemical sprays that will kill off every other living organism in the field. Gila Farm Cooperative encourages the return to the old ways of saving heirloom seeds and growing in cooperation with the earth. Healthy soil with good microbiological activity can offer nutrients to the crops that soil sprayed with chemicals cannot. We offer healthy food grown in healthy soil. Come and try it for yourself today!